book review "From the files of Madison Finn #20"

       My first fully gratitude to Allah SWT for blessing me to finish this review entitled “From the File s of Madison Finn #20 All that Glitters”. After running in some phase from searching for this great book, reading it thoroughly, making some general resume till the last finishing, that was making the whole review. This review is content the introduction that discuss the highlight of book, the interpretative recount, evaluation, evaluation summation, and also the recommendation that invite the reader to read this book.
         Although the writer has been done this perfectly, but exactly realizes that this review must not entirely perfect in result. For this reason, with arms wide open the writer accept the appraisal for this review.
         The second gratefully thanks to my teachers Mom. Suci Mildayuni for many advises in this assignment, for her the writer couldn’t do without. Also, thanks for my lovely aunt who always help me for a translator when I got a hard one for the sentence and help me to make a good sentence in english. The last but not least thanks to my mates for supporting me in any ways. May this work can be useful to who ever read it.
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